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warns : in trading precious stones and precious good care fraud.

By Admin | 1394/09/23

More recently, "It has been seen that in virtual spaces such as cable - WhatsApp and... The images of precious stones in various sizes and types of expertise, identification, marketing or sales will be in the hands of individuals.


 Gemologist specialized laboratories and Drshnasan Pars (GDPL) in terms of social responsibility and professional ethics that requires those reserves is to remind and inform people of the warning to his beloved:


1. Basically, "with its expertise for certain of public image, often" mobile, anywhere in the world and on any scientific method is not defined gemology. This national and international standards completely "rejected.


 The result: according to remote expertise and the pictures do not do a deal.


2. Unfortunately, due to numerous reasons that are beyond the scope of this memo, birth certificates and identity invalid by winning the foreign market has been very common. Most of these groups are usually the birth certificate, "the size of a business card, and in most cases, semi-synthetic and artificial gems and stones, natural and ultimately" Expensive introduced.


The result: the essence of confidence and sales by such certificates are being avoided.


3-conscious people who want to profiteer like worthless gem with a certificate of identity to unrealistic high cost and sell natural for the action to trick in the up. Some of these tweaks can be made to this include:


- To move a stone from their escorts Multiplayer

 - For viewing and selling business in places other than their appointments and often "Gold and silver have licensed residents are not valid.

- Usually "the times are canceled or selling to other customers have reported much higher price. (Usually" either-or an Emirati businessman from Dubai and the imaginary client... Is)


The result: the purchase transaction rocks in high amounts, under the influence of exaggeration to make noise and do not get.


4. In the case of rock that has been below the average value for the stone that valid ID (such as the Gemological Institute of America - GIA - or birth certificate standard approved Iran) have a similar stone, and the stone made ready to accommodate The main ore to sell.


The result: even in cases where the stone has a valid birth certificate (such as the Gemological Institute of America - GIA - or birth certificate standard approved by Iran) must "rock with the help of an expert control and compliance with its certificate here. (This practice standards The ability to track laboratory and interpreted)

5. Many people profit resort atmosphere in ways that are more or less common stones in the market and also the way that items such as newspaper, ring, pen, money and. . . In addition to rock out and take pictures.

Conclusion: This method is not proof of authenticity and quality and value of a stone.

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