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Gemological Laboratory Accredited Labs Alert Standard and gem Night Lights

By Admin | 1395/02/08

Stone or gem Night Lights?
Which is correct?
The most recently "been accessed, stone-like objects in the hands of non-professionals and the general public, as Gvhrshb lights are trade and exchange. These objects are not only valuable gem and jewelry are not quite the" lack of drug effects and are healing. Although some "meta-physical properties attributed to these objects.
Gemology research in a lab in Switzerland, referring to the artificial nature of the objects that shortly "to consider:
The rubble has been Fsfrsns as natural stone and dust density 53/3 entered the market in large quantities at high prices. Unfortunately, they sold several thousand dollars. In 1976, artificial stone and Aggragate with the chemical formula Sr4 Al14 O25 was built in Russia in the Chinese study in 2006 found that this type of material with Europium (Eu) and Strontium (Sr) have combined to show Fsfrsns.
Swiss research laboratory XRD analysis showed that, in addition to the mentioned material, a synthetic material Sr Al2 O4 also be added to Aggragate. And further analysis ED-XRF, elements strontium and aluminum confirmation, but instead (Eu), the element Dysprosium (Dy) is used.
Stones are not located.
Earlier Accredited Lab of artificial GDPL of these objects had to.
Finally, precious stones and semi-precious enthusiasts and people that influenced strongly advised tricks and storytelling that are generally "merchants of these things are not put to work and avoid buying them.

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