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Disaster called "distrust" in jewellery

By Admin | 1395/05/26

Customers trust the care of a jeweler is the most important social tasks.

Jewellery is an important task of social care trust of customers.
Gold and jewelry in our country, as well as some of the countries in the world, trust and credibility persons important role in dealings and transactions.
 There are significant.
The point is that the supply chain is a piece of jewelry, various entities and levels of reliability, totally different "are involved, as a result of negligence or malpractice or possibly" one of them makes Abuse, jewels of originality and quality necessary or valuable not aware of.
rock) are not recognized.
In such a situation there is a third person who has the expertise, commitment, confidentiality, impartiality and independence is faithful and just work as a consultant is necessary.
Specialized laboratories gemology and Drshnasan Pars GDPL with senior management and technical management planning Mr. Fereydoun Moazeni Ms. dream Yahyavi has tried to focus on professional ethics, his technical knowledge, expertise, tools, and can be equipped and efficient method as a recognized expert in the consumer and is Araykh of jewelry.
We should know in jewelry like other goods and services, quality is the fundamental pillar and have to admit;
Quality, responsibility of all of us.

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