Important note about the GDPL`s Certificate

By Admin | 8/18/2016 12:10:12 PM

Customers who trusting to the certificate of Gemological Laboratory Dorshenasan Pars - GDPL - are very valuable and important to this company and its responsible and committed to protecting the confidence to know.


GDPL`s Certificate of  jewelry  and its after-sales service


function will fail to achieve success.


Dear Customers need to know that the jewelry has a birth certificate GDPL

Dorshenasan  pars purchase of laboratory Pars benefit after-sales service. In this way, the lab at no cost and jewelry purchases only within one to three hours again, "tested and evaluated the results back to the client.

To enjoy the array of after-sales service Just in coordination with the previous phone, jewelry and birth certificates be submitted to the laboratory.

Master this ensures hundred percent accuracy and originality of jewelry and jewelry represents righteousness.


Quality is our responsibility.

We know and sentenced to maintaining customer satisfaction.


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